Director: Andrew Baker (Connie)
Assistant Director: Craig Lobdell (Cheryl)
Secretary: Arthur Puetz
Treasurer: Tim Daniel
Divan Rep: Roscoe Smith

Meeting Date: Third Thursday

The Registrar Unit, commonly known as " The Gold Coats", was elevated from status of a Committee to that of a Unit in 1967 by the Illustrious Sir, Potentate Mark W. Bobb. Since its humble beginnings, the Registrar Unit has become one of the premier uniformed units in the Aladdin Shrines in fulfilling its prime objective of service to the Center, its Illustrious Potentate, and Shrinedom while enjoying good Masonic Fellowship.
The Registrar Unit fulfills its prime service objective by conducting registration, verifying current dues cards, and admitting the nobility to center functions such as ceremonials, picnics, dances, and other functions as directed. During the Annual Shrine Circus, the Unit admits the general public through the various gates to all performances and counts all ticket stubs so that an accurate attendance count may be obtained. It also functions as a marching unit in parades where Aladdin Shrine Center is officially represented.
The Unit membership consists of 70 active, 15 apprentices, and varying number of veteran members, all nobles in good standing of Aladdin Shrine. The Unit conducts a business meeting on the third Thursday of each month except July, August, and December.